My name is Henry Ian Schiller.

I’m a McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology at Washington University in St Louis.
henryschiller (at) utexas (dot) edu
Curriculum Vitae

About Me

My research addresses the following issues:

︎How creatures like us go around confronting the world and adjusting our minds to it.

︎How we use linguistic tools to induce those adjustments in others.

︎The normative significance thereof.

I completed my PhD at the University of Texas at Austin in the summer of 2021, under the supervision of Josh Dever and Mark Sainsbury. My dissertation investigates linguistic interventions in rational decision making: explaining how we are rationally able to adjust our mentation and behavior in light of others telling us what to do, and what sorts of normative demands this makes on us as participants in a linguistic practice.

In May of 2022 I will take up a 3-year Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Sheffield, where I will research rational changes in preference and desire. The planned outcome of this research is a monograph (tentatively) titled Arbitrary Rationality.

Outside of philosophy, I have an ongoing experimental music project called Physical Fitness. Some of my recordings have been featured on the NPR show Invisibilia.

Published Papers

  1. Pragmatic Particularism w/ Ray Buchanan - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

  2. A Hole in the Box and a Pain in the Mouth w/ Laurenz Casser - Philosophical Quarterly

  3. This Paper Might Change Your Mind w/ Josh Dever - Noûs

  4. Acts of Desire - Inquiry

  5. Is that a threat? - Erkenntnis

  6. Illocutionary Harm - Philosophical Studies

  7. Phenomenal Dispositions - Synthese

  8. Acquaintance and First-Person Attitude Reports - Analysis

  9. The Nyaya Argument for Disjunctivism - History of Philosophy Quarterly

  10. The Swapping Constraint - Minds & Machines

In Progress

A paper...

  1. ...about inductive inference (r&r at Philosophy of Science).

  2. ...with Ray Buchanan about linguistic commitments (r&r at Mind & Language).

  3. ...defending the thesis that authority is never a reason to do what someone says.

  4. ...defending the view that coercion is a kind of social interference, and therefore a kind of harm.

  5. ...with Josh Dever investigating the conceptual foundations of Jeffrey Conditionalization.

  6. ...with Brendan Learnihan-Sylvester about conversational imperatives.

  7. ...about what it is to have an option.

  8. ...with Casey O’Callaghan about the rationality of relief.

  9. ...with Daniel Drucker defending Platonism about desire.

  10. ...about attitude expression and testimonial justification.

  11. ...about the relationship between preference, value, and desire strength.

  12. ...investigating the assumption that all rational change in attitude is driven by information learning.

(Email for drafts.)