My name is Henry Ian Schiller.

I’m a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Philosophy at The University of Sheffield.
h.i.schiller (at) sheffield (dot) ac (dot) uk
Curriculum Vitae

Philosophical Writing

︎Directing Thought - Ergo
︎Genericity and Inductive Inference - Philosophy of Science
︎Meaning and Responsibility w/ Ray Buchanan - Mind & Language
︎Pragmatic Particularism w/ Ray Buchanan - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

︎A Hole in the Box and a Pain in the Mouth w/ Laurenz Casser - Philosophical Quarterly
︎This Paper Might Change Your Mind w/ Josh Dever - Noûs
︎Illocutionary Harm - Philosophical Studies
︎Acts of Desire - Inquiry
︎Is that a threat? - Erkenntnis

︎Phenomenal Dispositions - Synthese

︎Acquaintance and First-Person Attitude Reports - Analysis
︎The Nyaya Argument for Disjunctivism - History of Philosophy Quarterly

︎The Swapping Constraint - Minds & Machines