My name is Henry Ian Schiller.

I’m a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Philosophy at The University of Sheffield.
h.i.schiller (at) sheffield (dot) ac (dot) uk
Curriculum Vitae

Recent and Upcoming Talks

01/2023: “What’s your opinion? Negation and ‘Weak’ Attitudes”, APA Eastern
01/2023: “Context and Implicit Content”, Washington University in St. Louis
02/2023: “Directing Thought”, APA Central
02/2023: “Informational Chauvinism”, Oxford Metaphysics and Epistemology Group
05/2023: “The Meaning of ‘Wants’ in a Theory of Rational Planning”, London Mind Group
10/2023: “Default Domain Restriction Possibilities” w/ Kate Ritchie, Words Workshop
11/2023: “How do Imperatives Motivate?”, The Center for Philosophy of Science
12/2023: “How do Imperatives Motivate?”, New York Philosophy of Language Workshop